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Hi there!

I’m 10 this year! Or rather my consultancy Waxtie is. And I’ve arranged a fabulous party to celebrate.

We’ve booked York Racecourse plus entertainment, dancing, comedy and dinner. It’s going to be amazing.

And I’d be honoured if you would come along for a very important reason!

It is free you've just got ot RSVP, but we’ve only got a limited amount. So when they’re gone, they’re gone! Better book your place then, before we run out.
The celebration will be on 6th July 2019 in York
Here’s everything you need to know about the day, and the exciting reason you should come too.

Why this is important…

I launched my management consultancy, Waxtie, in 2009.

Since then me and the team have helped hundreds of business people in Yorkshire, the UK and worldwide grow their businesses. I’m so proud that we’ve has thrived in a business world where many don’t, and that we’ve reached our 10th birthday.
So here’s my BIG IDEA to celebrate
I want to have a great party, of course. But I want to use the occasion to give back to the many people who have helped me over the past 10 years and leave a legacy to other businesses as well.

So I've invited some excellent, inspiration and amusing friends and business owners to share some of their experiences about running growing, profitable and sustainable businesses.

There’s going to be a lot of business owners and experts there on the day for some fun… so I thought why not while we’re all in the room why not pool our knowledge and create something special. How about we co-author a book. And we’ll call it the Business Hatstand Book.
Why ‘Business Hatstand’?
Every business owner needs to wear different hats… Leader, IT manager, finance director, HR consultant, marketing guru, operational expert… Some hats fit us well. Others are more difficult to wear.

Well at the party will be people who specialise in wearing all these hats and more. So we’ll look at many of the essential topics you have to cover as a business person and ask the people who wear those types of hats for their best bits of business advice.

I will format the info and publish it in an book. It will be available via the Business Hatstand website (coming soon).
Come to historic York Racecourse
Such an amazing location. All the greats rode and ran here. It is one of the premier tracks in Europe, the "Flat Racecourse of the Year" as it was recently named in The Times as Britain's top racecourse.

First, business…
We start at 3pm with the Business Hatstand Brainstorm. Aimed at anyone in business or wanting to be in business, it’s a place to come together and share our knowledge. We got 90 minutes to do this, and it’s going to be a 90 minute mix of really interesting discussion that will form the content of the book. 
The fun panel - our fantastic line up of invited guests are coming to spill their secrets of wearing many different business hats. It’s going to be fun, informative and full of ideas you can use in your own businesses. Many are from Yorkshire and have insight into regional, national and worldwide success. However you’ll learn new things wherever you are based.
And YOU! - We want to hear what advice you would pass on to future businesses. So pick the hat you wear best, and give us the best advice on the topic that you could pass on to another business.  Write a paragraph or an article and we'll promote you as a supporter of the Business Hatstand. 
Then, pleasure…
The party starts with a buffet of great Yorkshire produce dished up by the excellent chest from York Racecourse kitchen. Then you just settle down for some entertainment starting with a laugh a minute provided by our Dynamic Comedy Duo.

Then choose from our:
Fun Casino - Viva Las Vegas! Become a high roller without spending a penny in our cashless casino. Put it all on black. Or red. But don’t leave your Blackjack on the table.

Dancing - Show us your moves as our professional DJ. Champion! Dance like no-one’s watching. Or fling yourself around like a 10-year-old. (Note most 10 year olds know how to floss. Just sayin’).

Charity Raffle - our business guests and speakers are going to contribute a fantastic range of valuable goods and services that will benefit any business. There’s a minimum value of £40 per prize so don’t hold back. All proceeds go to South York Multi-Academy Trust

Photo Booth - get documentary evidence that you came to the party. Put on a business hat and take your photo with friends at our very own photo booth. If you’re in a picture it shows that you are a British Business Supporter.

Do this now!
There we are - a little bit of learning, a whole lot of laughing and a great time. Plus your name in a book that’s going to give many people help with their own businesses.

It’s free to attend the party. We’ll give you all the details about hotels and directions when you click below.

So what are you waiting for? 
I look forward to seeing you there
Martin Sharp
Streamers, balloons and cake at the ready! What 10 year olds birthday party is complete without party food. So put on your party hat, grab your plate and have a chat.
Take off your hat, let your hair down and dance to the music into the night, as it is a celebration after all :)
Martin Sharp
International award winning Speaker, Author, Coach, Mentor and Consultant, Martin will be sharing stories about his experience over the last 10 years. If it’s critical to business success, Martin will know about it.
He specialises in helping businesses change successfully, growing bigger or diversifying, changing markets or mission. He is Managing Director at Waxtie Ltd, Sharp Astute Consulting, Sharp Astute Businesses, as well as Director at Anew Property Ltd and Partner at Imperators.
Ruth Driscoll and Andrea Sangster - MCs FOR THE EVENING, STORYTELLING HATS
Helping the day run smoothly are Ruth and Andrea. They are award-winning writers and speakers, successful entrepreneurs - and a dynamic comedy duo. For the last 5 years they have emceed the annual awards of the Professional Speakers Academy. They also describe themselves as the "lubricant between people”. No, I don’t know what that means either, but I’m sure they’ll tell us!
What makes a business last 10+ years? Ask them
We’ve invited an awesome group of experts to join us. They’ll be on our panel, quizzed by Martin on key business hat issues. A couple will also present on their specialist subjects.
So if you’ve ever wondered how to plan a strategy, grow a business, brand a product or service come along to hear how these experts approach these tasks. They are all amazing entrepreneurs who have inspiring stories of their business journeys through feast and famine!
Cheryl Chapman  - MOTIVATIONAL HAT
Here’s an awesome speaker who’s on a mission. A no-nonsense a funny Yorkshire lass she wants to guide 10 million people to STOP asking “why me?” And START saying “why not me!”. She’s an international multi-award winning motivational speaker and mentor and the founder and CEO at Find Your Why.

Put a tiger in your tank with Steven Green. He’s an NLP expert and high level attitude change & technology coach as well as being a multi award winning professional speaker.
He’s Managing Director at Big Brew Ltd , Rapid Build JTG Ltd , Steven Green Developments, SG Property Renovations and is involved with SG Property Lettings.
Simon Hudson - PAPERLESS HAT
If your idea of an IT fix it to turn it off and on again, listen to Simon. Director at Cloud2 his specialities are IT Services, business development and strategy, digital media, application of technology and working without paper.

John has created, developed and sold several businesses. Most sold for a healthy profit, yet he has some tales to tell about the others. Today he is Managing Partner of Ascentis LLP as well as Finance Director of Premier Cru Fine Wine Ltd, Meridien Homes, LED Switch Solutions Ltd. Owner J2MPO Micro VC.

Do you know what is needed to promote yourself & your business today?
Carole Fossey - SOCIAL MEDIA HAT
Do you know how to promote your business on social media? Listen to Carole. She is founder of Strategy Social Media in Manchester, and an award winning coach and author. She’ll give you good principles of online promotion that will give you a effective strategy.
Judith Wright - MARKETING HAT
If branding and marketing is your issue, listen up. Judith started Wright Angle Marketing in 2001. She is Yorkshire through and through, and her passion and enthusiasm for marketing, graphic design, branding, social media and more has helped her clients grow and thrive.
Don't worry if someone above wears the same hat as you. We need everyone’s input. No singe person will cover the whole topic. This book is a love letter to business people in Yorkshire and beyond, and so it’s all about the ‘we’ - joining forces to do something helpful. Your advice is needed too!

You can ask questions of the panel, network with them all through the evening once the party starts, and of course drop your contribution into our Top Ideas Hat on the day.
We are all about helping others and being part of a positive change in the world, so help us convert the ME to WE by supporting South York Multi-Academy Trust by joining in the activities on the night. You will leave not only with the wonderful gift knowing you've helped others, you may also leave with a wonderful present as well!
Martin's Mission is "To enable the next generation of entrepreneurs, business owners, directors and consultants in transforming organisations for the better!"

Feels like only yesterday we were celebrating our first year....
They say that "time flies when you are having fun" and it certainly has here. 10 years have flown by and it would be so easy to let this one pass by like any other.

Setting up my own business has been one of the best things I could have done. In pushing myself to be able to help serve my clients better by understanding their problems better, I ended up with a great business that has allowed the team and I the opportunity to serve so many people in organisations, large and small who all wanted to change and grow, taking us all over the world. As such I have also changed and grown and feel blessed.

It hasn't all gone perfectly: there were the skills to learn, accepting help from others especially when down to the last £1, almost made me bankrupt, made redundancies and nearly given up on several occasions. Let alone the many, many things that needed to be dealt with.

Through those experiences it made me know more about how business works in all areas, which made me better at serving others in how they change their businesses or look to change themselves. However, the biggest and most surprising thing was how much I've learnt about myself and how much I've grown.

I am grateful to everyone I've worked with or who worked with us in this journey along with those we have worked for, our clients, who have provided many challenging learning experiences along the way and we've been able to help them on their journey. 

Looking forward to seeing you at the celebration where we will learn a little, laugh a lot and imagine what the next 10+ years will be like.

Martin Sharp
6th July 2019
York, UK
I look forward to seeing you there
Martin Sharp
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