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The Significant 7 Imperatives for Delivering Successful Change in Complex IT Projects

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In 2016 Martin became an award-winning author with his book: Digital Transformation: The Significant 7 Imperatives for Delivering Successful Change in Complex IT Projects and was asked to write for the British Computer Society for their 2015 publication Digital Leaders. Then in 2017, Martin was made an international award-winning speaker by the Professional Speakers Academy.
As an enterprise architect and strategic thinker, Martin consistently brings technical clarity to the most complex client issues. Navigating the complex and ever-changing IT landscape, Martin’s pragmatic solutions deliver change and realise business benefit within every organisation, every time.
Martin Sharp has worked in the IT industry since 1993 and has developed an eclectic variety of skills in management and strategy along with a breadth and depth of technical knowledge and experience. Clients have described Martin as ‘Knowledgeable, personable, refreshing, unbiased, diligent, help!‘ ‘A breath of fresh air in a world where IT complexity often seems to create as many challenges as it solves.’
As an Enterprise Architect, IT Solutions & Technology Consultant, Martin is an enthusiastic leader, helping companies to structure their IT so that it becomes a business enabler not a barrier to communication & growth.
Martins career has provided him with experience across a wide range of sectors from Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace companies, Universities, Councils, Motor and Drinks manufacturers, Airport operators, hospitals through to countless smaller businesses; Martin has advised thousands of company IT users and improved the way they interact with their IT devices and consume IT services. These include companies such as Kinstellar, HSBC, ITV, Spire Healthcare, Heathrow Airport, PAREXEL International, Manchester Airport Group, University College London, Close Brothers, ING Bank, Platform Smart and Comms-care.
I co-wrote this award winning book Digital Transformation. Its an incredible book that teaches you how to take advantage of the digital revolution and implement it in a successful way for your organisation or others. 

I also recorded the Digital Transformation book on audio as a lot of people like myself prefer listening to audio books rather than reading the physical book, as you can listen on the go any time any where. 

Is your IT project lacking? Do you struggle with finding the ways to improve your business? With Digital Transformation: The Significant 7 Imperative, you’ll gain access to insight from leaders in the field on how to successfully implement modifications to any IT project.
How will this book on Digital Transformation will help you! 
Digital Transformation: The Significant 7 Imperatives is THE best resource for successful change in complex IT projects. Along with the book, available for you to have on hand, Imperators provides you with expert advice and partnership to make transformation a reality.
Imperators employs experienced specialists available to partner with your team. We are focused on guiding our clients and working with each individually to achieve the goals you set. We strive to exceed all expectations and provide the best support in the business. With the expert knowledge of our staff and the content included in our book, transformation of your IT project is made easy!

Digital Transformation: The Significant 7 Imperatives includes topics such as:
Sets out what we have seen as the challenge facing businesses when you are working with IT
The Change Imperative for IT
Helps you understand what we believe is the reason for change at its foundational level
Pressing Business & IT Challenges
You like many others may find these challenges in your transformation, how will you manage them?
A Flexible Foundation
Working with highly skilled people can be a challenge but you can review how we approach this
Structured Approach
If you cannot find the information you need, then here we discuss how to structure it better
Delivering Success
You will find out beliefs in what has made us deliver success time and again
Demonstrable Breadth of Value
Do you know what the real value is that your delivering and more importantly why?
Delivering Real Benefits
We breakdown for you how we have put IT change into tangible business terms
The Significant 7 Imperatives for All IT Projects
You may be worrying how to remember all this, then here are 7 clear statements
The book is written to guide you through the process of transforming IT projects and expanding and improving the business.
Identifying the challenges you face and the ways to overcome, our book builds on the knowledge you have to help you turn around performance. There is no better book, guide, or collection of information available! Don’t waste another minute dealing with the stress of a failing project and the feeling of helplessness that accompanies it. Take control of your success and learn how to overcome the obstacles in your way. With a partnership with Imperators and by owning your very own Digital Transformation: The Significant 7 Imperatives, you are taking the future of your project and your business in your hands and creating success!
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